Steve Jobs 1955-2011

I mourn the loss of Steve Jobs, who died late Wednesday afternoon. See:

Steve Jobs was truly a visionary technology leader. Co-founder of Apple, and Pixar, and founder of NeXT Computer, Steve Jobs led the computer industry to the modern era. I shudder to imagine a world without his demanding influence, his love for aesthetic beauty, and the innovative companies he built. He knew how to persuade people to create the truly amazing, and transformed the “computer industry” time and time again.

I will miss his panache, and innovative influence on the “computer industry.” As a student of the history of computing, his vision of a computer “for the rest of us” has been largely realized, regardless of platform, or operating system. In the accomplishment of this vision, I recognize the thousands of men and women all over the world who work (and have worked) tirelessly to make usable computing available to so many.

I celebrate his influential achievements and I mourn his death.


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